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Setup your own Green Screen!

This video is a little different, mainly because it's not about woodworking. This is the first video of a three-part series on Green Screens. This video focuses on setting up and lighting your green screen. I bought a kit off of Amazon for $150. You can find the link here: But you don't need a kit to make a green screen that works. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions in this video. The second video to this series will be about editing and creating the green screen effect in Final Cut Pro X. And the third and final video will be introducing some fun and unique things that you can do with your green screen. I'm a little busy right now, so I don't expect these videos to be released until August/September.

A cool video - The creation of a wooden pen!

This is a cool little video that documents the process of hand making a wooden steampunk pen! Created and filmed by Stuart Covey with Covey Woodworks. Enjoy!

Make your own Laptop Stand! - Tutorial - DIY

The Instructables link where you can download the DXF file: This is a tutorial to make a laptop stand that benefits both you and your laptop! This stand is made completely out of cabinet grade plywood but can also be made out of a solid wood. Designed for both 13" laptops and 15" laptops. This laptop stand can be made either with a CNC router or a scrollsaw. This laptop stand raises your laptop screen 7", allowing for a more comfortable experience while using your laptop. It also features an open middle to allow cooling for your laptop. This is a huge feature as the worst thing you can do is allow your laptop to overheat. This gives it plenty of airflow that will lengthen the life of your laptop. Have fun! and don't forget to Subscribe! Stuart Covey

Trailer for Covey Woodworks!

We've got a new trailer! Enjoy! Stuart

Making an Inlaid Clock on CNC Router

In this video I show you how I make a wooden inlaid clock. (Note: this is an updated version due to problems in the original video. Originally uploaded on January 7th, 2015) See how these toolpaths were designed in VCarve Pro 7.5 here - - VCarve Pro Design - Probotix Asteroid CNC Machine - Porter Cable 892 Router - LinuxCNC Control Program Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

A Few Updates (and the MXL 990)

See the full review at: In this video I just wanted to introduce a a new addition to my recording process, the MXL 990. If you are interested in more details I will be having an in-depth review of this condenser microphone at my separate channel @StuartCovey At the end I also give an update and hint on my next video. Find the microphone here: Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

Designing 76 Deg Pyramid Board on VCarve Pro 8.0

Just a quick info/tutorial video for one of my subscribers. Note that there is no audio. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

Easy Tool Touch Off Plate - CNC

Here is a quick video of any easy to make tool touch off plate for your CNC machine. The original design came from Shawn Gano. Be sure and check out his video and YouTube page below. Video - YouTube Page - If you need some more clarification on how the wiring is set up for this check out Shawn's video. He made a nice little wiring schematic for it. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

Using LinuxCNC Control - Probotix

This video gives you the complete basic instructions on using LinuxCNC to cut a toolpath on a CNC router. Probotix Asteroid CNC Router used. Enjoy! Stuart Covey @

Probotix CNC Rotary Axis

This is an overview and the first test run for my new Probotix CNC Router Rotary axis. It's mounted on a Probotix Asteroid CNC machine. Rotary axis was purchased directly through Probotix. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

Overview of Functions - VCarve Pro 7.5

In this video I go through most of the functions/operations/capabilities of VCarve Pro 7.5. If you want a specific tutorial on something with VCarve Pro, let me know and I will be glad to help. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

CNC Double Router Modification

A quick video on a modification I did to my Probotix Asteroid CNC router. I added a second small router for smaller work with 1/8", 1/16", or 1/32" bits. I will also be using it for 3D work with 3/4" bits. I wanted something smaller than the Porter Cable 892 to use with the small bits and the 892 was alot of overkill. The 892 uses 12 amps whereas this DeWalt DW660 only uses 5 amps. The 892 also did not quite get the speed that I wanted with the small 1/16" and 1/32" bits that I use. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

Custom Logo Plaque on CNC Router

A custom logo plaque for War Eagle Coffee Co. Made out of Oak wood. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @ -Probotix Asteroid CNC Machine -VCarve Pro 7.5 Design

Time Lapse CNC Inlay Plaque -A Day in the Shop-

A quick timelapse of a few hours in the shop making an inlaid plaque. Probotix Asteroid CNC Machine Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

Inlay Clock Design Tutorial - VCarve Pro 7.5 - CNC

In my last video I showed you how I made an inlaid clock on the CNC Router. In this video I show you how I designed the clock and the inlay components in VCarve Pro 7.5. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @ See this design in action on a CNC Router here:

Penturning - Applying a CA Finish

In this video I show my complete process of applying and buffing a CA finish. There are several different ways of applying CA, this is my way. Everyone has a different way so experiment and find the way that works for you. If you are having problems be sure to visit the Pen Turners forum at The pen kit is the Nouveau Sceptre V2 from PSI. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

Tardis on CNC Router

In this video I show you how I made a Tardis from the Dr Who 11th season TV Series. I generated toolpaths for one side of the Tardis and then simply ran the toolpaths on each side of my block of wood. Rotating the block between each run. I then sanded and painted it. I printed the words on an inkjet printer and then glued them to the Tardis using thin CA glue. Finally I coated the whole thing with a non-toxic Shellac spray. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @ -Probotix Asteroid CNC Machine -Porter Cable 892 Router -VCarve Pro 7.5 -LinuxCNC 2.6.0

First Project on Probotix Asteroid CNC Router

This is my first project on my new Probotix FireBall Asteroid CNC Router! Fitted with a Porter Cable 892 - 2 1/4 hp Router. Probotix programs it to work with LinuxCNC controlling program. I used VCarve Pro 7.5 to design the pattern and toolpaths. Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

Penturning - Making a Kit Less Bullet Pen

In this video I show you how to make a 30 caliber bullet cartridge pen using an 8 mm tube, a Slimline Funline kit, and a spent 30 caliber spent cartridge (308, 30-06, 30-30). Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

Penturning - Making a Double Barrel Wood Fountain Pen

In this video I show you the complete process of making a double barrel wood pen. I also develop some chipping on the edges of the tube so I will show you how to fix and deal with it. I'm using Jr Gent II fountain pen components with a punky type burl wood. See all my items at: Thank for watching! Stuart Covey @

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