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Stuart Covey is an 18 year old guy who loves to create things out anything he can get his hands on.  Always trying new things, Stuart had a knack for building things.  Covey Woodworks started in 2011 when the Covey family hosted a small holiday craft show where Stuart (13 years old at the time) made several items to sell.  After the show Stuart turned to Etsy as his store front.  And thus Covey Woodworks was born.  Since then the business has slowly grown over the years.

A major factor in the growth of the business has been when the Covey family moved to NW Arkansas where the annual War Eagle Craft Fair is hosted.  Stuart has had the privilege over the last few years to attend this craft fair.  Bringing in over 200,000 people each year to the four day event, it is listed as one of the largest craft fairs in the country.

 Another major growth to the company was in 2014 when we added a CNC machine to the shop.  This machine is basically an extremely precise wood router.  This has enabled Stuart to do things that he hadn’t even dreamed of.  Covey Woodworks can now make engraved/routed plaques, clocks, precision parts, phone cases, 3d routing, and a nearly endless amount of other possibilities.

Another large aspect of Covey Woodworks are it’s hand turned wood and acrylic pens.  Using a Jet 1221 lathe Stuart hand turns all kinds of pens.  Fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, and more.  These pens are all precision made and finished with a CA finish (cyanoacrylate) which produces a super hard glossy finish that is resilient to use and wear.

Thanks for reading about Covey Woodworks!  And we hope we can help in whatever way possible.

Stuart Covey – Covey Woodworks